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Physics Teacher

Explain the theories of physics to high school students.

What does a Physics Teacher do?

Physics teachers teach students about matter and energy, and how the two interact. It’s the class where you discuss things like light, motion, gravity, and viscosity, and do experiments like dropping different sized balls to see which one lands first.

Since physics is an advanced subject, you most likely work as a physics teacher in a high school, teaching students who are in their junior or senior years. Students younger than this tend not to have the scientific knowledge needed to understand what you’re talking about.

You use a combination of bookwork, homework, and experiments to explain different concepts to your students. Then you test their knowledge using quizzes, exams, and assignments to make sure they’re getting all they need out of your teaching. If you find a kid who’s falling behind, you might offer tutoring, extra work, or a different explanation to help them catch up.

You’re required to teach some things according to state guidelines (like the scientific method or the basic laws of physics). But beyond that, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to making your lesson plans and creating experiments.