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Keep your patients in good health.

Salary Range

$168,028 - $250,000

Salary range derived from OFLC job titles

What does a Physician do?

As a physician, you can choose from dozens of medical specialties. For instance, physicians can specialize in treating a group of patients, such as children, women, or seniors. You can also focus your work on a particular condition, such as diabetes, asthma, or depression, or a body part, such as the skin, liver, or foot. Regardless of your specialty, one thing’s certain: you’ll spend your days seeing patients, and then using your vast medical knowledge to diagnose and treat them. Your main job is listening to patients, analyzing their problems, taking medical histories, offering informed medical opinions, and prescribing medicine or treatment—all while being ethical, accurate, and sensitive. Depending on your specialty, this job can be both mentally and physically draining.

A physician needs a vast amount of medical knowledge and expertise to accurately diagnose and treat patients. You need to show attention to detail and have excellent organizational skills you help you keep accurate records of each visit, including what you discussed and how you helped a patient. Problem-solving skills help you evaluate patient symptoms and provide the right treatment. Physicians also need excellent communication skills to communicate effectively with patients and support staff.

To be hired as a physician, you need four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school, and three to eight years in a residency program.

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