Physician Recruiter

Select the best Doctors to fill positions in hospitals.

What does a Physician Recruiter do?

Known on the street as a Headhunter, a Physician Recruiter is like a judge for a talent show, except the contestants are showing off their medical talents instead of their juggling skills. It’s the Physician Recruiter’s duty to post job ads, interview interested candidates, and choose who makes the final cut. This ensures your clients employ only the best and brightest to join their highly skilled staff.

As a Physician Recruiter, you circulate a job posting when a hospital needs to hire more Physicians stating who they want and what qualifications the candidate must meet. Then you sift through the responses and research applicants to find qualified Doctors with a proven track record of exceptional work. One phone call and you’ve scheduled an interview with the Doctor to probe deeper and find out if he’s really the guy for the job.

The majority of your day involves face-to-face interviews with applicants, or researching into their past. After all, no hospital wants a grumpy Doctor on staff, and no surgery center wants an under-qualified Surgeon in their operating room!

Your keen eye for detail and extensive research into each person who applies for the job lets you ensure Doctors looking for work and hospitals looking for staff members find the perfect match. It takes an impressive skill set to catch your eye, but when you do make a decision, a hospital can rest assured their new employee is capable and qualified.