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Physically Impaired Teacher

Teach elementary school subjects to physically impaired students.

What does a Physically Impaired Teacher do?

Teaches elementary and secondary school subjects to physically impaired students, adapting teaching techniques and methods of instruction to meet individual needs of students in schools, hospitals, and students’ homes: Plans curriculum and prepares lessons and other materials, considering factors, such as individual needs, abilities, learning levels, and physical limitations of students. Confers with parents, administrators, testing specialists, social worker, and others to develop educational program for student. Instructs students with observable orthopedic impairments, as well as those with internal impairment, such as heart condition. Arranges and adjusts tools, work aids, and equipment utilized by students in classroom, such as specially equipped worktables, computers, typewriters, and mechanized page turners. Devises special teaching tools, techniques, and equipment. Instructs students in academic subjects and other activities designed to provide learning experience. Confers with other members of staff to develop programs to maximize students’ potentials. May assist members of medical staff in rehabilitation programs for students. May be required to have certification from state.