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Physical Integration Practitioner

Conduct physical integration programs.

What does a Physical Integration Practitioner do?

Conducts physical integration program to improve client’s muscular function and flexibility: Determines client’s medical history regarding accidents, operations, or chronic health complaints to plan objectives of program, using questionnaire. Photographs client to obtain different views of client’s posture to facilitate treatment, using camera. Instructs client to demonstrate arm and leg movement and flexion of spine to evaluate client against established program norms. Determines program treatment procedures and discusses goals of program with client. Applies skin lubricant to section of body specified for treatment and massages muscles to release subclinical adhesions either manually or using hand held tool, utilizing knowledge of anatomy. Demonstrates and directs client’s participation in specific exercises designed to fatigue desired muscle groups and release tension. Observes client’s progress during program through such factors as increased joint movement, improved posture, or coordination. Records client’s treatment, response, and progress.