Physical Education Teacher

Teach physical education to students.

What does a Physical Education Teacher do?

A physical education teacher helps students develop physical fitness and healthy habits. You help them discover and develop motor skills, cognitive skills, and physical skills through games, exercises, and challenges. Through games and team sports, teamwork, sportsmanship, and coordination are developed. A physical education teacher organizes space and equipment and plans structured programs for the students. You must adjust your curriculum for children with disabilities various age groups. You should be able to demonstrate the activities you recommend, so PE teachers must be in good shape. A physical education teacher needs a working knowledge of health and general physical education topics such as kinesiology, nutrition, human anatomy and physiology, and educational psychology. In case of injuries, you should be able to administer first aid or CPR.

To become a PE teacher, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree and hold a license in a subject related to physical education. You are expected to engage in continuing education.