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Photoradio Operator

Operate electronic equipment to transmit and receive radio photographs.

What does a Photoradio Operator do?

Operates electronic equipment to transmit and receive radio photographs and repairs equipment: Mounts photographs or printed matter on cylinder and secures with gripper bar. Turns dials to set frequency controls. Starts equipment that scans material and converts light and dark areas into electrical impulses for transmission. Communicates with receiving operator to give and receive instructions for transmission. Positions negative on cylinder, sets controls, and listens for signals to receive transmission. Develops negatives, prints photographs, and keeps log of transmissions. Maintains and repairs electronic equipment, such as wire circuits, dials, and gauges, using schematic diagram, handtools, and test instruments. Reruns transmission when photograph is substandard. May send or receive Morse code messages when voice communication is not possible. May transmit and receive news photographs, using automated telephoto equipment. May be required to hold Federal Communications Commission operator’s license.