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Photography Teacher

Instruct students on how to take fabulous photos.

What does a Photography Teacher do?

Pick up a camera, point it, and press the button to take a picture. It sounds easy enough. But learning the technical aspects of how to frame a shot and what the camera is capable of requires training and practice. Photography Teachers offer that training, both in the classroom and in the field.

As a Photography Teacher, you might work for a college or university, a trade school, or a community center. Regardless of where your students gather, the world is their classroom. While it’s important to learn about aperture, lighting, and shutter speed, the real education begins when they grab their camera and start clicking.

Like a Golf Instructor, it’s important that you watch your students at work so you can offer guidance and suggestions for improvement. So you take field trips and assign homework. You have them practice movement shots at a track meet, head out on a campus tour, or make arrangements to shoot inside a museum. Your goal as a Photography Teacher is to create environments and assignments that encourage students to use their technical skills to unleash their creative side.

Whether students photograph the Mayor, a flower, an animal, or a building, you offer feedback. For example, you might recommend a different camera setting, a more colorful backdrop, or a focusing technique.

Some of your students hope to find work as professional Photographers, while others just want to better understand their equipment. Either way, your guidance helps them reach their goals.