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Photographic Spotter

Cover or spot out imperfections on photographic prints.

What does a Photographic Spotter do?

Covers or spots out imperfections on photographic prints, using gloved finger, brush, or pencil: Positions print under viewing light or on illuminated table and examines print to detect defects, such as surface blemishes, dust spots, and uneven margins. Selects premixed paint or mixes paint, using color charts, when repairing color prints. Applies paint to defective area of color print, using gloved finger or artists’ brush. Shades light areas on black-and-white prints, using pencil. Rubs surface of photograph with cloth to remove debris and reduce gloss. Trims edges of print to enhance appearance, using scissors or paper cutter. Places prints in customer bag and records number per bag or mounts print in specified frame. May retouch film negatives and be designated Negative Spotter.