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Photographic Process Screen Maker

Fabricate stencils for screen printing.

What does a Photographic Process Screen Maker do?

Fabricates stencils for screen printing, applying knowledge of photochemical processing, using photographic equipment: Coats screen with photosensitive emulsion, using brush. Places and secures artwork and screen in frame of vacuum printer. Adjusts printer controls and activates printer to transfer image onto screen and form stencil. Washes unexposed emulsion from screen, using water and hose. Hangs screen in rack or places screen in oven to dry. May fabricate stencil by adhering film with specified image to screen, using vacuum frame. May insert screen in frame, using handtools and tension meters [PRINTING SCREEN ASSEMBLER 979.684-042]. May measure and mix ingredients used in photochemical process, according to standard formulas. May scrub screen for reuse, using solvents, brush, and hose. May pour ink or other printing material onto screen and move squeegee across screen to test screen or to screen print objects [SCREEN PRINTER 979.684-034].