Photographic Plate Maker

Prepare photographic plates used to print patterns on sensitized steels.

What does a Photographic Plate Maker do?

Prepares photographic plates used to print pattern of aperture masks on sensitized steel: Examines unexposed plate to detect foreign particles or emulsion flaws. Transfers image from master plate to unexposed plate by means of contact exposure and immerses plate in series of chemical and water baths to develop image on plate [DEVELOPER]. Examines plate over light box in darkroom to detect flaws and verify conformity of pattern with master plate. Measures dot size and center distance, using calibrated microscope, and examines master and production plates for dot damage. Repairs defective plates by filling in missing dots, using photographic touch-up tool and ink. Installs and aligns plates in printing case for DISPLAY-SCREEN FABRICATOR. Prepares developing solutions, following formula.