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Photographic Engineer

Take photos at specific angles to show depth, angles and distinct features.

What does a Photographic Engineer do?

As the title implies, a Photographic Engineer is someone who combines knowledge of engineering principles with the craft of photography. He takes photos from a variety of angles, typically incorporating buildings, bridges, roads, construction sites, easements, and/or utilities into the picture. The work of the Photographic Engineer is commonly used by construction companies, marketing firms, and other professionals.

As a Photographic Engineer, you take the art of the shot and combine it with the science of the project. This requires an understanding of the finer technical aspects of lighting, depth, and distance in both photography and engineering. Your goal varies depending on the project, but it could include shooting a specific angle of a roofline, focusing on getting an aerial view of a potential building site, or snapping a photo of the river surrounding a bridge.

It’s a toss-up as to whether you’re more of a Photographer or an Engineer because you use both the art and the science to get the job done. And since no two projects are alike, you get plenty of variety.

To get an aerial shot, you find yourself dealing with deadlines while battling Mother Nature. On a construction site, you need to respect state health and safety laws, in addition to working in muddy, cold, wet, or tight spaces. You might also use your skills to advise Photographers from other industries, such as those who take pictures of space.