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Photogrammetric Technician

Gather, analyze and verify data to make sure maps are accurate.

What does a Photogrammetric Technician do?

From hand-held GPS to aerial views on Google Earth to the topographical maps that Hunters take into the woods, maps tell us things we need to know. Photogrammetric Technicians are a key component in creating those maps. They review information and make corrections to ensure accuracy in every map they produce.

When you’re a Photogrammetric Technician, your work is similar to that of Cartographers. However, you’re a bit different in that you spend most of your time gathering and analyzing data, whereas the Cartographer spends more time actually making the maps. To apply your findings correctly, you also refer to the work of Surveyors and Photographers.

You gather information from a variety of sources. Sometimes, you go to the surveying site to verify data. Other times, you review the work of others. For example, you might use satellite shots, aerial images, or survey images.

Your job as a Photogrammetric Technician is to make sure every elevation change and street corner is accurate. You use computer software, Global Information Systems (GIS) technology, and other aids to evaluate current maps. You scrutinize existing data to find every building, creek, ridge, and boundary. Then you make sure the map (whether digital or print) accurately reflects those details.

You also verify that the map is laid out at the proper scale. When maps are changed from one scale to another, you verify the precision. Your eye for detail keeps the rest of us from getting lost, and prepares us for what may lie ahead.