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Photoengraving Proofer

Prove printing quality and register of photoengraved printing plates.

What does a Photoengraving Proofer do?

Proves printing quality and register of photoengraved printing plates, using hand or power driven flatbed or cylinder press, and prepares data sheet on color matching or ink modification to improve printing quality and register according to copy or customer specifications: Clamps plates to press, applies ink to rollers, and positions guides, grippers, and fingers to guide paper through press. Wraps packing sheets and tympan around cylinder to form cushion. Cuts and pastes overlays under tympan sheet to increase impression of low areas. Depresses pedal to open grippers, inserts blank sheet, and turns crank or starts motor to print set of proofs for progressive proof book for both black and white and color plates. Prepares data on color matching and ink modification to guide pressman. Examines proofs to determine printing quality of dots and lines, using magnifier, and marks corrections, such as reetching and additional finishing. May be designated according to work proofed as Proofer, Black And White; Proofer, Color.