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Photoengraving Finisher

Block out or re-etch designs to refine photoengraved printing plates.

What does a Photoengraving Finisher do?

Blocks out, re-etches, or intensifies designs to refine or repair copper, zinc, aluminum, and magnesium photoengraved printing plates according to copy and specifications, using artist’s brushes and hand engraving and burnishing tools: Applies chalk to engraved surface and examines cut under magnifying glass to detect damaged halftone dots and evaluate quality of etching against copy. Outlines images, cuts border, blocks out backgrounds, and raises halftone dots, using engraving tools. Burnishes high halftone dots to correct defects in printing quality and contrast of cut, using burnishing tools. Repairs breaks in type, using handtools. May re-etch or re-engrave photographic plates to correct color tone valves or to intensify designs, using etching machine or engraver’s handtools. May make proofs of completed monochrome and multicolor plates [PROOF-PRESS OPERATOR].