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Photocomposing Machine Operator

Set up and operate photocomposing machines.

What does a Photocomposing Machine Operator do?

Sets up and operates photocomposing machine to transfer data from perforated or magnetic tape into print on film or photographic paper, using either of following methods: Loads roll of film or paper in machine magazine. Secures roll of perforated tape on machine reel and threads end of tape through machine feed rollers. Selects type font according to size and face of type specified and positions it on photographic unit. Turns dials to adjust line spacing and light intensity according to size and face of type. Starts machine that automatically prints type onto film or paper according to coded signal on tape. Removes finished copy from magazine for development. Places reel of magnetic tape onto feed spindle of phototypesetting unit. Depresses keys to enter command codes, such as size and style of type, width and length of column, and to activate computer to produce phototypesetting film, phototypesetting paper, or copy of tape. Removes and stacks finished copies from photocopy printing unit. Removes printing unit from machine, drains chemical solution, washes unit, and refills unit with specified developing solution.