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Photo Mask Inspector

Inspect master or production photo mask plates.

What does a Photo Mask Inspector do?

Inspects master or production photo mask plates used in fabrication of semiconductor devices for defects and to ensure conformance to specifications: Positions photo mask plate on stage of microscope or computer-aided inspection equipment. Focuses and aligns lens with predetermined coordinates on photo mask plate. Inspects photo mask plate for defects, such as misalignment of design, contamination, cracks, pinholes, and streaking, and compares photo mask pattern to original design to verify conformance to specifications. Enters commands to activate computer-aided inspection equipment that automatically scans surface of photo mask plate to locate and record defects. Records inspection information, and sorts photo mask plates according to inspection results. May measure critical dimensions of pattern on photo mask plate and compares dimensions to design requirements, using microscopes with attached calibrated viewing or image shearing apparatus. May photograph surface of defective photo mask plate, using instant-print camera. May operate laser-beam equipment to repair circuitry defects on photo mask plate [LASER-BEAM-TRIM OPERATOR 726.682-010]. May tend equipment that removes contaminants and photoresist from surface of photo mask plate [PHOTO MASK CLEANER 590.684-034].