Photo Checker and Assembler

Inspect, assemble, and pack photographic prints.

What does a Photo Checker and Assembler do?

Inspects, assembles, and packs mounted or unmounted negatives, color film transparencies, and photographic prints: Examines items for natural color shading, density, sharpness of image, or identifying numbers, using lighted viewing screen. Marks defective prints, using grease pencil and standardized symbols to indicate nature of defect and corrective action required in reprinting. Removes defects, such as dust and smudges from prints, using brush, cloth, and cleaning fluid. Packages and labels satisfactory prints and negatives. Maintains daily production records. May cut negatives and prints from roll, using cutting machine. May be designated according to type of print inspected as Color-Print Inspector; Full-Roll Inspector; Mounting Inspector; Reversal-Print Inspector; May inspect prints for tears, dirt, scum, or other surface defects preparatory to mounting and be designated Take-Down Inspector.