Phonograph Cartridge Assembler

Assemble components into complete phonograph cartridge assemblies.

What does a Phonograph Cartridge Assembler do?

Assembles parts into components and components into complete phonograph cartridge assemblies: Positions, fits, and fastens together variety of small parts to make contact block assembly, using tweezers, toothpick, cement stick, and screwdriver. Welds ground piece to contact block, using spot welder. Solders fine wires from coils to contact block, seam in copper shield, and ground piece to shield, using pencil soldering iron. Plugs completed contact block assembly into ohmmeter to test for continuity. Assembles parts of magnet holder and stylus arm, using handpunch, tweezers, cement stick, holding fixture and loupe. Bakes subassembly in small oven to join parts and fix stylus angle. Fits subassemblies into potting assembly, verifies stylus alignment, and screws them together, using screwdriver.