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Phone Counselor

Provide guidance and support over the phone.

What does a Phone Counselor do?

As a Phone Counselor, you provide a friendly, knowledgeable, and supportive voice on the other end of a telephone line for clients who need help. While you may never get to shake hands with the people you talk to, you do learn many intimate details about them, and the help you can provide is invaluable.

In nearly any problematic situation, Phone Counselors can step in and provide assistance. Some Phone Counselors teach people how to manage their money. Some talk to desperate people who are considering suicide. Some help new parents find resources in their communities to help them learn about their babies. And others work with depressed or mentally ill people.

Your job as a Phone Counselor varies dramatically depending on where you work and what sorts of counseling you provide. You may work in an office, surrounded by other people on the phone, or you may work at home with just the phone for company.

During your workday, you spend a lot of time listening, or asking pointed questions to encourage your caller to think of solutions. You may direct your callers to Doctors or Nurses who can provide physical help. You also coordinate how your patients will pay you for your time, especially if you own your own counseling business.

Your patients are often upset and may be unpleasant. Your job is to help them open up, calm down, and work toward a solution. This can be immensely rewarding, and challenging, work.