Phlebotomy Coordinator

Organize tasks and schedules for a team of Phlebotomists.

What does a Phlebotomy Coordinator do?

Phlebotomy is not only fun to say, but it’s also a crucial aspect of the medical world. It’s the field concerned with drawing and analyzing blood to identify illnesses in patients. And the resident Phlebotomy Coordinator trains staff in this lifesaving art.

As a Phlebotomy Coordinator, you tackle various management tasks throughout the day. Staff rely on you to solve problems or provide instructions on complex testing procedures. The job of training new staff members is usually your responsibility as Phlebotomy Coordinator as well. You often work with the Phlebotomy Supervisor who handles the more complex task of running the lab.

When you’re not assisting staff, you deal with scheduling and paperwork. Permits and employee records need sorting and constant updates. You work to meet the highest safety standards possible, and are always on the lookout for ways to improve.

It’s also up to you to assign daily activities and tasks in keeping with the instructions of the Phlebotomy Supervisor. They tell you what tests need to be run and which patients need blood drawn. You assign these duties to various staff members, and set a deadline for completion.

Your end-of-the-day follow-up guarantees that all assignments were completed according to the rules. Your organizational skills and guidance are what keep the lab running smoothly. After all, no one wants to find out their test results were mixed up with those of another patient.