Pharmacy Technician Career Information

What skills are needed for pharmacy technician jobs?

Pharmacy technicians typically carry skills in pharmacy, pharmacists, and medication therapy management. In addition to those skills, pharmacy technicians and patient counseling knowledge may improve your chances of progressing to the phone screening process.

What majors do pharmacy technicians graduate with?

Most positions require at least a bachelor’s degree. Nearly a quarter biology majors graduate to become pharmacy technicians. It is also a common job for students who were psychology, chemistry, biochemistry or business administration majors in college.

What industries and companies need pharmacy technicians?

Pharmacy technicians are important to the success of many companies in a wide variety of industries. They are more commonly employed in hospital & health care and retail industries. The sidebar on this page includes popular companies for pharmacy technicians to work at.

What are the best cities for pharmacy technician jobs?

One thing to consider for recent graduates is the cost of living for a certain city. Pharmacy technician jobs are widespread across the nation and can be found in almost all major cities. Chicago and New York offer slightly more opportunities for recent grads who are looking to begin their careers.


Help dispense medications to pharmacy customers.

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