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Pharmacy Services Director

Manage staff at a pharmacy to ensure the safe delivery of medications.

What does a Pharmacy Services Director do?

A Pharmacy Services Director ensures the efficient operation of a pharmacy by overseeing employees’ procedures and seeing to it that patients have the medications they need. A Pharmacy Services Director may be employed by a hospital, medical center, clinic, or treatment facility, working to ensure timely and exact delivery of medications to patients.

One of your main duties as a Pharmacy Services Director is to manage the staff, from the Pharmacists handling the medications down to the volunteers pushing patients in wheelchairs. The responsibility of hiring, training, and firing workers falls to you. In this line of work, where the decisions you make can sometimes spell the difference between life and death, it’s extremely important that you know how trustworthy and dependable your employees are.

You create policies for the pharmacy and make sure they’re followed to the letter. Additionally, you spearhead new projects, integrate new systems, create new programs, and improve ways of recording information. If you see a need or a better way of doing things, it’s up to you to make changes in your pharmacy’s procedures.

You also make it a point to manage the inventory, taking careful stock of what’s on the shelves and what needs to be ordered. More exact than simply scanning a shelf, medical inventory takes a careful eye. Not only is it expensive to lose products, but it’s also dangerous and even illegal in some cases. Much of the inventory work is computerized, but a human hand needs to check the accuracy of those numbers, too, as critical pharmaceuticals and heavily used general drugs always need to be available to patients.