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Pharmacy Delivery Driver

Keep people healthy delivering needed prescriptions.

What does a Pharmacy Delivery Driver do?

Pharmaceuticals have become an important part of modern society. It seems that everyone is on something to help them fight depression, lower blood pressure, combat sleeplessness, or deal with diabetes. But not everyone is able to get to the pharmacy to pick up their much-needed prescriptions. So Pharmacy Delivery Drivers are there deliver them.

While delivering medications to senior centers, homes, and workplaces is a big part of your job as a Pharmacy Delivery Driver, you also guarantee wholesale deliveries to hospitals, clinics, and Doctor ‘s offices. You might even be in charge of packing the supplies in boxes before leaving the pharmacy.

With your car (or the company’s) filled with boxes and bags, you take great care to safely maneuver the streets of the town. After all, while “delivery” is part of your job title, so is “Driver.” It’s your job as a Pharmacy Delivery Driver to make sure that you keep both hands on the wheel, eyes on the road, and mind on your work.

When you arrive at your destination, discretion is key. You respect each customer’s privacy as you track them down and request a signature. The paper trail provides proof of delivery and is very helpful in case of a dispute.

So you record each delivery with the date, time, location, and name of the person who signed for it. That way, you can better assist customers who’ve misplaced a delivery. You calm fears, provide reliable service, adhere to timelines, and promptly deal with questions or concerns.