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Pharmacy Clerk

Provide excellent customer service at a pharmacy.

What does a Pharmacy Clerk do?

Pharmacies are tightly regulated places. It makes sense, given that prescriptions are usually quite expensive, and people often try to steal things that are expensive. While a Pharmacist is ultimately responsible for meeting the pharmacy’s regulatory requirements, a Pharmacy Clerk helps make sure that all the steps are taken in the proper order.

As a Pharmacy Clerk, you work directly for a Pharmacist. You may serve as a buffer between the Pharmacist and the customer, taking the customer’s information, putting it into the computer, and taking money from them for the medications. You may also answer the pharmacy phone, taking refill orders and fielding questions from clients about the status of their prescriptions.

Much of your job will be as a general pill-counter. You take an inventory of the pharmacy, ensuring that you’re not stocking medications that have expired or been recalled. You may also generate reports outlining every pill that’s come into and left the pharmacy.

Additionally, you work with the Pharmacist to order medications so you have an adequate supply. And when they’re delivered, you stock the shelves with those medications.

In this position, you spend most of the day on your feet, moving boxes, getting medications, and talking to your clients. A cheerful personality is, quite simply, a must, as you often work with people who don’t feel well and won’t tolerate a sourpuss. Most Pharmacy Clerks work in retail stores, so it’s unlikely that you’ll have to work on holidays. Remembering this may help you keep your cheerful demeanor intact on rough days.