Pharmacy Aide

Perform administrative tasks at a pharmacy.

What does a Pharmacy Aide do?

As a Pharmacy Aide, you help the pharmacy run smoothly by performing clerical and customer service duties. This makes you responsible for many of the administrative duties behind the counter but, unlike Pharmacy Technicians, you won’t have to fill the prescriptions or prepare the medications.

This is an important job, especially to the patients and the Pharmacist you are assisting. One of the your biggest responsibilities will be taking notes of a patient’s medical history, drug allergies and current medications to assist the Pharmacists in making sure there are no negative drug interactions. Other duties may include accepting payments, maintaining customer records and charts, stocking shelves, and tidying up the pharmacy and reception area.

You may also need to deal with insurance companies and sometimes file insurance claims. Because these tasks deal with a lot of paperwork, good organizational, clerical and customer service skills will shine in this profession. Basic computer skills are also useful.

As with most fields in the medical profession, demand for pharmacy help is high, including the need for Pharmacy Aides. The majority of these positions are with retail pharmacy chains like Walgreens or CVS, but some Pharmacy Aides work in hospitals and nursing home environments. Either way, this position is often a stepping stone to becoming a Certified Pharmacy Technician.