Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Maximize a medical company’s sales.

What does a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative do?

The fast-paced job of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative combines medical knowledge with the persuasive skills of a Salesperson. A company needs someone to let people in the medical field know its products exist, and that’s you; you use your smarts and winning smile to convince Doctors your company’s new medicine is the best. If you like the thrill of a challenge and are a real people person, you may find the role of a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative fits you like a glove.

In your day-to-day work, you visit with Doctors and other professionals in your area who prescribe medication to patients. Doctors are always busy, so you only have a few minutes to make a good impression.

Now for the surprise twist: you’re not actually selling anything. Despite the word “sales” in your title, you won’t be taking orders or dealing with messy paperwork. Instead, you’ll convince Doctors to write more prescriptions for your company’s brand of medicine. The more Doctors prescribe, the more your company sells. You can watch sales soar and know you were the mastermind behind it all.

After your meeting, you’ll follow up with new and existing clients through phone calls. You’ll often send out fliers and free samples of your medication.

Think of the Pharmaceutical Sales Representative not simply as a Salesperson, but as a master of persuasion. You know your company has that magic pill to cure what’s ailing people. Now it’s up to you to convince the Doctors.