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Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Manager

Make sure drug manufacturing processes follow FDA standards.

What does a Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Manager do?

A Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Manager works closely with the Food and Drug Administration to determine the standards that drugs should meet, and to ensure that their manufacturing process is of excellent quality. Being a Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Manager requires impeccable integrity because being involved with the FDA means following and enforcing strict rules and guidelines.

As your job title implies, you are responsible for the quality of a product. Your daily tasks as a Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance Manager take you from the office to the manufacturing plant, and to meetings in between. If you work for the FDA, then you go into various manufacturing settings, make sure that they’re doing their work properly, and check that their products are up to the standards set by your organization. If you work for an independent company that manufactures the drugs, then you are given the guidelines and expected to adhere to them.

Either way, your day-to-day tasks include examining the products to ensure that each drug is up to par. You also examine the process, the equipment, and the people working the lines. You make sure that each step of the process is being done accurately. Additionally, you oversee the company’s Testers, Inspectors, and other Managers, all with the goal of guaranteeing the safety of drugs for the people who will be using them.