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Pharmaceutical Operator

Control equipment and tend machines to produce pharmaceutical products.

What does a Pharmaceutical Operator do?

Controls equipment and tends machines to produce variety of pharmaceutical and toilet products or ingredients, performing any combination of following duties: Weighs and measures out coating ingredients and coats medicinal tablets [COATER 554.382-010]. Tends mixing machine and heated kettles to prepare specified ingredients for ointments, creams, liquid medications, powders, gums, and similar drug products, adding ingredients according to formulas [COMPOUNDER 550.685-046]. Tends milling and grinding machines that reduce mixtures to designated sized particles, or grinds materials with mortar and pestle. Prepares granulated products [GRANULATOR-MACHINE OPERATOR 559.382-026]. Tends filter presses, sifting machines, autoclaves, water stills, and related equipment to prepare ingredients for further processing. Operates machine to compress ingredients into tablets [COMPRESSOR 556.682-022]. Inspects, weighs, and tests hardness of tablets [TABLET TESTER 559.667-010]. May be designated according to substance prepared as Liquid Compounder.