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Design and fabricate pewter products.

What does a Pewterer do?

Designs and fabricates pewter products, applying knowledge of metallurgy, mold-making, and pewter casting and finishing: Researches reference materials and consults with interested parties to develop ideas for new products. Designs, drafts, and fabricates models of new casting molds, using drafting tools, lathe, and handtools. Fabricates lathe accessories and modifies handtools to facilitate turning and finishing of cast pieces. Mixes and heats alloy and fills casting molds [PEWTER CASTER 502.384-010]. Joins cast parts to form product, using solder and blowtorch, and shapes, engraves, and polishes product, using lathe and cutting and polishing tools [PEWTER FINISHER 700.281-026]. Analyzes production data to determine deviations from standards necessitating replacement of molds or modification of equipment.