Pewter Finisher

Shape, join, engrave, and polish pewter items.

What does a Pewter Finisher do?

Shapes, joins, engraves, and polishes pewter items following casting, using machine and handtools and applying knowledge of finishing processes: Secures cast pewter item onto chuck of lathe, depresses button to activate lathe, and pares inner and outer surfaces of items to remove rough edges and excess material, to shape piece to style specifications, and to impart luster to finish, depending on processing stage, using variety of chipping and cutting tools. Engraves decorative lines on item, using engraving tool. Polishes finished surfaces, using abrasive pad. Determines placement on item of auxiliary parts, such as spouts and handles, using paper facsimile, and marks solder path on item, using grease pencil. Routs out solder path, following marked lines and using routing machine. Places part on jig to stabilize part, aligns auxiliary part with part of jig, and joins parts, using solder and blowtorch. Weighs completed pieces to determine deviation from target weight, and records weight and processing time required on production records. Carries pieces to next work station. Occasionally fabricates chipping and turning tools, using machine and handtools.