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Pet Photographer



Pose dogs, cats, and other pets to make their portraits look great!

What does a Pet Photographer do?

During a photo shoot, giving detailed directions to your subject can lead to stunning pictures. But for a Pet Photographer, these directions need not be detailed at all. Just say “Sit” or “Stay.”

Pet Photographers take commissioned pictures of a person’s pet. For the most part, you work as a Pet Photographer in a freelance role—you either have your own business, or do the job on the side.

There are some photo studios where you can find employment. But these studios usually do all types of photography, and pet photos are just one of the options they offer. If you really want to specialize, you need to do your own thing.

You can photograph any type of pet, but most of your subjects are dogs or cats. Perhaps being man’s best friends, these furry creatures inspire a love not usually given to other pets, like hamsters or tarantulas. Most of your work is done outside a studio—wherever the animal feels most comfortable. So you might take pictures at a house, outdoors, or at a favorite park.

Photo shoots last as long as you decide, and you can charge by the hour or by the number of photos taken. Once you’re done shooting, you develop the pictures. Advances in technology have made it easy to alter things like bad lighting or red eye. So you can be sure you’ll always have a picture that your client will love.

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