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Pet Nutrition Specialist



Scrutinize pets with eating problems to identify the best diet changes.

What does a Pet Nutrition Specialist do?

Good nutrition can lead to healthy bones, shiny hair, and greater energy. And that’s something that rings true for pets, too.

Pet Nutrition Specialists analyze the diets of our four-legged friends to make sure they’re getting balanced meals full of needed nutrients to keep them healthy and happy. A Pet Nutrition Specialist’s job is not trivial at all because, just like people, animals can suffer from eating problems. These disorders can be caused by allergies, emotional stress, or sickness. Sometimes a change in eating habits is a symptom or a side effect of a bigger health problem. Either way, when an animal drastically changes the way it eats, it usually means the issue has to be dealt with right away.

Clients bring their pets to you – a Pet Nutrition Specialist – when they need help figuring out a health problem, or finding a way to prevent one. You ask questions about the animal’s eating habits, age, and health problems in order to diagnose any issues and to come up with an eating plan that fits their needs. For example, older cats and dogs often can’t digest food as well as younger ones, and they might need you to prescribe a different type of food (wet instead of dry) or to change their feeding times to aid their digestion. Pets coming off illnesses often have specific eating guidelines, which you can help their owners understand and follow.

You don’t just deal with sick pets though. You also help with, say, animals that are well but may be gaining weight uncontrollably. Or you explain the best meal options for new owners who aren’t sure what’s best for their pets.

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