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Pet Groomer

Pet Groomer


Make pets look and smell good.

What does a Pet Groomer do?

groomer_profile_imageMost Hairdressers expect a nice tip when they finish with a haircut, but Pet Groomers are happy with just a friendly bark or meow. Pet Groomers give perms, trims, teeth cleanings, and nail clippings to furry prima donnas.

As a Pet Groomer, you can work in a number of places. Pet stores, animal hospitals, shelters, even hotels or resorts offer grooming services for our four-legged friends. Or you can open your own business if you want the freedom to decide your hours and plan your own schedule.

Wherever you choose to work though, you need good communication skills and a calming manner. Not only are you working with human clients who can be a little too attached to their pets, but you’ll also need to make the pets themselves feel comfortable while they’re being worked on.

Going to a Groomer can be a scary thing for an animal, especially an older one. So you always want to use soothing tones and avoid quick movements. If you upset one of your tiny clients, they’ll let you know with a bite or a scratch. This occupational hazard is one of the downsides to this job, but you’re sure to learn to avoid it with experience.

As a Pet Groomer, you do more than just make a pet look camera-ready. You can also be the first person to discover health problems that might be hiding under long or thick hair. Things like cuts, bruises, or swelling can go unnoticed, and are often signs of more serious health issues.

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