Pet Food Deboner

Tend deboning-grinder machines that separate flesh from bones.

What does a Pet Food Deboner do?

Tends deboning-grinder machine that separates flesh from bones to make boneless ground pet food: Positions and secures hopper, screw, and disk assemblies in deboning-grinder machine housings, using wrench, and depresses buttons to activate machine and conveyor. Observes volume of meat parts moving on conveyor into hopper, and adds or removes parts, using shovel, and spreads parts in hopper, using stick, to ensure steady supply of parts to machine. Picks bones and similar matter from parts on conveyor to assist in separating process. Observes processing and adjusts disk assembly when required to maintain specified consistency and volume of ground parts, using ratchet lever. Shovels separated bones and foreign matter into disposal drum. Cleans machine and work area, using hose, brush, and shovel.