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Pet Adoption Counselor



Match pets with potential owners.

What does a Pet Adoption Counselor do?

A person searching for the love of their life turns to a Matchmaker. But when they’re looking for a best friend (as in man’s best friend), they turn to a Pet Adoption Counselor. Pet Adoption Counselors connect pets of all kinds with their future owners.

Your job as a Pet Adoption Counselor is to increase the number of adoptions your organization facilitates. But that doesn’t mean you let just anyone adopt. You want to make sure the adoptions are quality ones that lead to happy endings for both the pets and the owners.

You do this by getting to know each pet and its personality, so that when someone comes to adopt, you know just what animal to suggest. Say for example, a family with kids wants a pet. You would probably show them a young, energetic dog who loves people rather than an old cat who hates noise.

During the adoption process, you carry out the interview, fill out the necessary forms, and then educate the adopter on how to care for their new pet. After the adoption, you stay in contact to make sure the pet is settling well into its new life, and the owner is happy with their choice.

You also do marketing and outreach events to find future adopters and explain pet behavior to confused owners. You might need to hold mini-counseling sessions to help pet owners who are thinking of getting rid of their pets find different options. Additionally, you work with volunteers so they too can spread the word about pet adoption.

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