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Personnel Clerk

Compile and maintain personnel records.

What does a Personnel Clerk do?

Compiles and maintains personnel records: Records employee information, such as personal data; compensation, benefits, and tax data; attendance; performance reviews or evaluations; and termination date and reason. Processes employment applications and assists in other employment activities. Updates employee files to document personnel actions and to provide information for payroll and other uses. Examines employee files to answer inquiries and provides information to authorized persons. Compiles data from personnel records and prepares reports using typewriter or computer. May administer and score aptitude, personality, and interest tests. May explain bonding procedure required by company, and assist in completion of bonding application. May compute wages and record data for use in payroll processing [PAYROLL CLERK 215.382-014]. May compile and maintain records for use in employee benefits administration and be designated Benefits Clerk I. May prepare and file reports of accidents and injuries at establishment and be designated Accident-Report Clerk.