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Personal Shopper

Provide advice to clients for their specific purchase requirements.

What does a Personal Shopper do?

If you enjoy shopping and working with people, a job as a personal shopper may be ideal for you. A personal shopper offers suggestions and advice on products from electronic appliances to fashion accessories. You learn your client’s likes, dislikes, requirements, and budget. Based on the knowledge you’ve gathered, you make suggestions. Sometimes, you coordinate with other departments within the same store to save your client time. You’re aware of the products available, prices, and latest trends, and you have in-depth knowledge of your field. For example, if you’re in the fashion industry, you know the different body types, how to hide flaws, and how to enhance positive features. Some personal shoppers specialize in one product, like shoes, or to a certain customer group, such as senior citizens.

This job does not require any special qualifications, but you have to be smart and patient. Good communication, customer service skills, a friendly and confident personality, tact, and discretion are prerequisites for this job.