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Personal Image Consultant

Help individuals build a positive reputation.

What does a Personal Image Consultant do?

Everyone wants to look their best. But this is easier said than done, and some people need a little extra help. A Personal Image Consultant works with individuals who need help cleaning up their image, or creating a new one.

The people who hire a Personal Image Consultant can really vary. You might work as a Personal Image Consultant for a client who’s fresh out of a divorce and looking to hit the singles scene for the first time in a while. Or you might work with a middle Manager who wants to make it to CEO.

Whatever the situation, you give advice on things ranging from clothing choices to workplace attitude. The ultimate goal is for your clients to find themselves in the job or lifestyle that they want.

You start by meeting with your client one-on-one to determine what it is they’re after. When you know what their end goal is, you then provide them with a personalized set of suggestions that will get them there. The recommendations you give can be about looks, like grooming habits or clothing color choices, or they can be more geared towards attitude or career. For example, you might tell a client how to improve the way they present themselves in job interviews, or teach them new networking and communication skills.

Be aware that this is one of those jobs where you need to dress the part. After all, no one will buy the idea that you can improve their life and image if you show up looking like a mess.