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Personal Care Assistant



Handle shopping and pharmacy trips for elderly or disabled clients.

What does a Personal Care Assistant do?

If you’ve ever known a disabled or elderly person who finds performing day-to-day tasks difficult, you know what a difference a helping hand makes. Take on the role of a Personal Care Assistant and you’ll spend the day chatting and laughing with others while helping them out with tasks such as preparing dinner or taking a bath. The job of Personal Care Assistant is one of compassion, and one that builds friendships that last a lifetime.

If you’re a Personal Care Assistant, your client’s needs determine how long you’ll stay with them. One client might simply need help cooking dinner. So you bring them food, and ensure that the pantry is always stocked. Another may have trouble walking and need your help bathing, getting dressed, and performing rehabilitation exercises.

Depending on your clients and your employer, you might spend the day visiting several people at their homes to give out medication, deliver groceries, or simply to chat. Other times, a patient may require your assistance for several hours out of the day. You might even have to work on a live-in basis. Your own lifestyle and personal preferences will determine the type of clients you assist.

Regardless of what type of care you provide, this job lets you bring happiness to those whose friends and family live too far away to help out. It’s an opportunity that sends you home every day with a smile on your face and a sense of pride in your heart.

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