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Personal Banker

Sell bank products, like mortgage and auto loans, to clients.

What does a Personal Banker do?

Most transactions at a bank can be handled by a Teller. But if a client is interested in getting a mortgage or opening a more complex account, they need to speak to a Personal Banker.

As a Personal Banker, you act as a liaison between the bank and its clients. You tell clients about loan, mortgage, money market, or checking account options, and help them figure out which services best meet their needs. This job is different from other financial positions-say, a Financial Planner or Broker you aren’t looking for different stock options or trying to find new investments. You are only concerned with what a client does with the money in your bank.

You need excellent communication and customer service skills in this position. Money can be a touchy subject, and most of the people who come to you are confused. So you’ll want to tread lightly when trying to convince someone to switch to a different loan or open a new account. But here’s the catch: although you always want to grant your client’s desires, ultimately this is a sales position. Banks hire Personal Bankers to sell the bank’s services, and your pay or bonuses can be dependent on the number of accounts you’re able to sell.

You’ve done your job well when you connect a client with a bank account that genuinely helps them out and is in their best interest. By staying informed and confident about new account options, you shouldn’t have a problem meeting your sales goals.