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Perishable Fruit Inspector

Inspect fruits to determine if they're fresh and crisp.

What does a Perishable Fruit Inspector do?

A Perishable Fruit Inspector is tasked with ensuring that only the absolute best fruit is delivered to customers. More specifically, Perishable Fruit Inspectors create the ideal condition for the fruit to travel in, which increases the chances of the delivery arriving at its destination unharmed and unspoiled. That means more fruit sold, more profits for the sellers and suppliers, and a better record for you!

As a Perishable Fruit Inspector, you’re part Safety Inspector and part Quality Control Inspector / Quality Assurance Inspector. You start your day by going to the location where vehicles are being loaded with fruit. This could be a freight train outside a packing plant, or a modest refrigerated truck parked in front of a farm or orchard.

Next, you control the environment that the fruit will be transported in. You check the temperature, humidity, and ventilation. From your inspection, you also determine if the packing materials are adequate. You then record all of this in great detail in a logbook, writing down dates, times, locations, and the condition of all the fruit on board.

Your careful control of conditions means that the fruit has a smaller chance of spoiling during transit, but it also gives you the added benefit of being able to control the maturation of the fruit. If you create perfect conditions, you’re able to help along the ripening process so that when your cargo reaches its destination, the product will be at the peak of ripeness (or just before).

In some cases, you’re also responsible for traveling with the fruit. During these trips, you monitor conditions en route to ensure the best possible fruit quality.