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Perishable Freight Inspector

Supervise the transport of perishable foods and medicines.

What does a Perishable Freight Inspector do?

A Perishable Freight Inspector oversees the loading of perishable goods to ensure that the crew follows all food safety procedures. These goods include fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, and even pharmaceutical products. The loading crews working the freight cars have to comply with very specific handling practices, and the Perishable Freight Inspector makes sure that happens.

You usually start your day as a Perishable Freight Inspector with an assignment from the Plant Manager, who gives you a list of shipments that need to be inspected. Someone else has already directed the moving and loading. It’s up to you to give directions to your team if any special treatment is needed, and to watch over the process as it happens to make sure it’s done correctly.

If you notice anything wrong with the way items are being handled, you step in and correct the problem. Once the shipment has been loaded, you do one final check to make sure that items are stored at the correct temperature and humidity, and that they will remain at that state during transport.

As with any other freight shipment, you have to check that items are strapped down and secure for travel. It’s up to you to add more bracing or packing materials if necessary. Finally, you make careful records and descriptions of the condition of the freights, materials, storage temperatures, and all the handling activities that occurred throughout the workday, and then submit them to management.