Performance Consultant

Train employees on how to steer their company toward growth.

What does a Performance Consultant do?

A basic business mission statement might sound something like this: “Our goal is to make a significant amount of money in a short period of time.” It’s snappy and honest, but it could be hard to accomplish. Companies that are struggling to reach their goals could benefit from the help of a Performance Consultant. Just as an Athlete needs a Coach in order to train properly and build up skills, businesses often need Performance Consultants to help them refine their goals, their methods, and their structure.

To do a good job as a Performance Consultant, you need to know everything about the company you’re working with. During this research phase, you read through the company’s published documents, and you interview key employees such as the President, the Chief Financial Officer, and the Marketing Director.

When your research is complete, you distill your thoughts into a written report that details how the company functions now and how you think it should function in the future. Perhaps the company should shift markets, for example, or perhaps there are too many people in management and too few on the production floor.

In order to help the company implement your plans, you hold training sessions for employees. Sometimes, these are large classes in which you teach new ways of thinking or new ways of attacking a problem. Other times, these are one-on-one sessions you hold with key employees.

Often, you stay involved with your clients for years, dropping by on a periodic basis to touch base and make sure you don’t need to hold more classes or tweak your plans for the company.