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Percussion Tuner

Tune wood and fiberglass bars used in marimbas and xylophones.

What does a Percussion Tuner do?

Tunes wood and fiberglass bars used in marimbas and xylophones, metal bars used in bell-lyras and vibraharps, and metal rods used in electronic carillons and tuning forks, using machines and handtools: Strikes bar with mallet and compares tone with tuned block or stroboscope. When tuning wood and fiberglass bars, removes wood and fiberglass with bandsaw and smooths bar with sanding machine or by hand until specified tone is obtained. When tuning metal bars and rods, removes metal with machine grinder and with hand files and scrapers to obtain specified tone. May assemble bars onto instruments. May be designated according to tuning operation performed as Harmonic Tuner; Octave Tuner.