Pencil Artist

Draw masterpieces using only a pencil.

What does a Pencil Artist do?

A Pencil Artist is an Artist like any other. While some Artists use other media, however – for instance, paint for paintings, film for photographs, and stone for sculptures – Pencil Artists’ medium of choice is a graphite, charcoal, or grease pencil, usually paired with special drawing paper.

Based on your observations of children at school, you might think pencils are made exclusively for scribbling on desks, gnawing on when you’re nervous, throwing at members of the opposite sex, and sticking humorously into ears and noses. If you’ve ever seen the work of Pencil Artists at art galleries, museums, or fairs, however, you know that pencils are so much more than props for childhood high jinks. They’re also tools with which amazing art is created.

When you’re a Pencil Artist, that amazing art belongs to you. You create compositions – landscapes, portraits, still lifes, etc. – that are displayed in museums and galleries, and sold to private art collectors and patrons.

Using pencils of various shapes, sizes, and tones, you create grayscale drawings that are notable for their use of fine lines and shading, the result of which can be simplistic sketches in the form of comics and cartoons, or complex creations that are realistic enough to resemble black and white photographs.

Blessed with a vivid imagination and a steady hand, you have a unique talent for drawing what you see, either with your eyes or with your mind. And, depending on your level of commitment, you’ve turned that talent into either a fun hobby or a full-on career. Either way, you spend your days using an erasable tool to create permanent expressions!