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Create custom shoes for clients with foot problems.

What does a Pedorthist do?

A Pedorthist is a specialist that’s half Shoe Designer and half Podiatrist – like Manolo Blahnik with a stethoscope. Pedorthists design inserts and shoes to help patients with foot problems, be they injuries, diseases, or issues that have been around since birth.

A job as a Pedorthist doesn’t make you a Doctor, though you do have to be certified and know all about foot anatomy to do it. Often, you work closely with Podiatrists (foot-doctors) and Orthopedists to help out patients after they’ve been diagnosed with a problem or gone through a procedure. You’re the one these patients come to see in order to help their healing or prevent future problems. You can work with problems of all types, from minor ones, like calluses, to major ones, like arthritis pain.

Though some of your clients come to you through referrals, others will find you due to pain that they may deem isn’t serious enough for a Doctor. These issues include arch pain due to unsupportive shoes, back problems brought on by standing for long periods, or other general foot issues. You listen to your client’s needs, perform a quick exam of their feet if necessary, and then give your suggestions or diagnosis.

You can also make or fit things like braces, inserts, or entire shoes to help out with your patient’s issues. The work you do can range from simple modifications to building entirely new shoes for their comfort.