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Dedicate your career to keeping children healthy.

What does a Pediatrician do?

A pediatrician is a special type of doctor devoted to the care of children. Because kids do (not just say) the darnedest things—for instance, they grow, crawl, learn, explore, imagine, jump, play, tinker, scheme, giggle, and cry—they’re typically more susceptible to injury and illness than adults. Add to that the fact that their bodies and brains are quite literally , and it’s clear that they need doctors who specialize in their care alone.

As a pediatrician, you’re one of those doctors. A physician who focuses on treating children and teenagers, you do the same tasks that a traditional doctor does—examining patients, diagnosing diseases, administering treatments, and prescribing medications—but with special consideration for kids’ unique needs. For instance, you consult with patients; because they’re children, however, you must have a bedside manner that effectively calms and communicates on their level. Similarly, you give shots and take blood, but must take care to distract and comfort since children are often afraid of needles.

Of course, it’s not just how you communicate with patients that’s unique. It’s also how you treat them. Because children are smaller and have less immunity than adults, they must be handled—literally and figuratively—with kid gloves.

In particular, your duties as a pediatrician include administering immunizations, giving physicals, and offering education (about nutrition, fitness, hygiene, adolescence, etc.). Along with parents and teachers, therefore, you’re part of a team that has one of the world’s most important—and difficult—jobs: building happy, healthy human beings.

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