Pediatric Urologist

Work to correct urinary problems in babies and children.

What does a Pediatric Urologist do?

Put plainly, a Pediatric Urologist deals with problems that occur in the area covered by a child’s swim trunks. Some of these problems are critical, and children can die without treatment. Other problems may seem small now, but they can become huge issues when the child grows up and wants to become a parent. Pediatric Urologists deal with patients younger than 18, and the help they provide allows children to grow into healthy, functional adults.

Most Pediatric Urologists work in hospitals, and if you fall into this category, you may deal with a great number of newborn babies. These tiny people may have serious birth defects that appear right away, and you do your best to explain the problem to the parents. Then, you perform delicate surgeries on these babies to correct their issues. Once the surgery is complete, the baby may return to the care of a Pediatrician, although you usually perform one more examination in a few months, just to admire your handiwork.

If you work in a private clinic, you may see both babies and older children. Often, these patients are referred by their Doctors for complicated problems that can’t be solved during a standard office call. In some cases, you ask patients to undergo blood tests, urine tests, ultrasound examinations, or x-rays so you can clearly see what’s happening inside their bodies.

Some patients need medications from you, and others require surgeries to correct the problem. Parents of these children may be full of anxiety and questions, and the children may be frightened or angry. You do your best to soothe and explain at all times to put everyone at ease.