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Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist

Work with children who have sports injuries.

What does a Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist do?

Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialists are Doctors who cater to children and teens, treating any injury or illness that interferes with their ability to play sports, work out, or move around – basically anything keeping them from staying active. Whether it’s an injury sustained in football or skateboarding, or an illness like asthma that flares up when the child is playing tag with friends, Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialists attend to it so the child can go back to running plays and doing ollies in no time.

Sprains, strains, and pains are common in the world of sports. Physical contact sports, like football, are the biggest culprits in sports injuries. Children need different treatment from adults, and, as a Pediatric Sports Medicine Specialist, you need to ensure that the injury is properly treated to avoid lasting side effects.

Sometimes, the child hasn’t received a direct injury, but finds that she has trouble breathing when outside playing or that the leg pain she feels when she’s running is only getting worse. This can be from an illness that needs long-term treatment to help the child continue her normal activities.

Children, especially younger kids, can’t communicate the extent of their injuries the way adults can. That’s what makes your job so important. Taking every injury seriously, even if the child insists it doesn’t hurt that bad, helps you offer the best of health care to your young patients.